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Online Reputation Management 101

The title says it all for this pithy little handbook. There’s no beating around the bush; no complex theories; and just enough background to educate and reassure the reader about what needs to be done — and why. As the authors state in the introduction:

“Hope is not a strategy. To repair or protect your online reputation you need to take action.”

In 15 brief chapters, this is an informal book (rather more like an extended “White Paper”) you can breeze through during a lunch hour. Ah, but the implementation of it all…that will require some time. How much time? That depends on how thorough (or compulsive) you are — as even a basic online “makeover” requires considerable cut-and-paste activity in creating personal profiles on the suggested list of key sites. Just completing the basic prescription described here could easily consume the better part of a weekend; but the good news (actually, bad news if you were looking for a quick fix) is that the program needs to be implemented over time. (In order to steer clear of Mother Google’s spam filters, the authors recommend “spoon-feeding” your profile information to online sites over the course of several weeks.)

Ever had that nagging feeling that your online “footprint” might be incomplete, inaccurate and/or out-of-date? When you’re ready to act on those instincts, this is a book that will help you get clear about a plan of attack. Then set aside a few minutes every morning to implement the strategies outlined here. I guarantee you’ll pick up some good habits in reputation management — “basic hygiene” for the new media ecology.

“To control your online reputation means owning it. The only way to own your online reputation is to become totally transparent. Simply, the more you put on the Internet the more you control your online destiny.”

From: Gregory Peterson- Archetype Communications

Finally someone wrote a book that allows people to do the same thing that “Social Media Experts” have been charging thousands to do. It’s written in a way that is simple to read and easy to understand. Spend $25 instead of $5K and manage your own reputation online.

5 out 5

From: Willie Morris
Pleasant surprise

Wow what a surprise. This is a great little book! I know little about the Internet and I wanted to beef up my reputation as I am going back into the job force and know that many employers look to the internet first before hiring but had no idea how to do it. I thought about hiring one of those reputation companies online but then saw this book and figured I would take a shot. All I could say is I am already seeing results and it was so easy to do. All I did was follow the book step by step and like magic my search results started displaying what I wanted them to display about me! Now each day is like Christmas morning when I look online and watch how what I added to the Internet shows up under my name and the results change. The book even shows you how to get images you want to show up as well- which is fantastic for my boyfriend who is an artist. I was amazed at the way the book was written “for dummies” style and glad it was set up that way being internet challenged.

5 out 5

From: Maria Pearson